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Technical Papers

Technical papers that have been delivered by Robertson Technology, their representatives, or clients.



Measurement of Pump Efficiency and Flow by the Thermodynamic Method. Paper presented by Malcolm Robertson (Robertson Technology Pty Ltd) at OzWater, Brisbane Australia, May 2005



Stable temperature probes for hydraulic efficiency measurements. Paper presented by Malcolm Robertson (Robertson Technology Pty Ltd) at IGHEM 2006 (Sixth International conference on Hydraulic Efficiency Measurements) Portland, Oregon, USA, July/August 2006



Continuous Pump Performance Monitoring and Scheduling. Paper presented by Malcolm Robertson (Robertson Technology Pty Ltd), Stephen Yeung (Chevalier (HK) Ltd., Hong Kong), Ivor Rhodes (ACE Cranfield Ltd, UK), at the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, London Symposium - Energy Savings in Pumps and Pumping, October 2007



Determining pump energy efficiency and flow rate with surface temperature measurements. Paper presented by Malcolm Robertson (Robertson Technology Pty Ltd), Ivor Rhodes (ACE Cranfield Ltd, UK) at the 10 th European Fluid Machinery Congress, Amsterdam, April 2008



Optimising and verifying energy savings in pumps and pumping. Paper presented by Ivor Rhodes (ACE Cranfield, UK) at the 4th International Conference on Water and Wastewater Pumping Stations, Cranfield, Bedfordshire, UK, June 2008.



Accurate Measurement of pump efficiency improvements using ‘cutting-edge’ technology. Paper presented by Simon Cartwright (Better Technical Options Ltd), Brett Eaton (Better Technical Options Ltd) at NZWWA, New Zealand, 2008



Thermodynamic methods for energy savings in pumps and pumping systems. Paper presented by Malcolm Robertson (Robertson Technology Pty Ltd) at Energy Efficiency seminar organised by Pump Industries Australia, Melbourne, October 2010.



Measurement of pump performance on offshore oil and gas platforms by thermodynamic methods. Paper presented by Malcolm Robertson (Robertson Technology Pty Ltd) at International Rotating Equipment Conference 2012, Düsseldorf



Thermodynamic Flow Metering. Paper presented by Malcolm Robertson (Robertson Technology Pty Ltd) at Flow Measurement & Control Forum – IDC Technologies, Perth Australia, November 2012



Pump Energy Efficiency Field Testing & Benchmarking in Canada. Paper presented by Fabian Papa and Djordje Radulj (HydraTek & Associates Inc), Bryan Karney (Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering, University of Toronto), Malcolm Robertson (Robertson Technology Pty Ltd) at Asset management for enhancing energy efficiency in water and wastewater systems, International Water Association, Marbella , Spain,  April 2013.



Testing through Utilities & Power. Presented by Geoff Walker(Sulzer Pumps) at IMechE, Fluid Machinery Group Seminar, London, UK Jume 2013



Thermodynamic performance testing and monitoring. An article written by Malcolm Robertson (Robertson Industries Pty Ltd) in Pump Industry magazine ( 2013



Advanced Thermodynamic Performance Measurements for Pumps and Pump Systems Presented by Malcolm Robertson at IMechE Seminar on Site Testing, London, UK June 2013


Thermodynamic Pump Performance Monitoring in Power Stations Presented by Malcolm Robertson and Andy Baird at IMechE seminar "Fluid Machinery in the Power Industry", Bristol, UK June 2015



Continuous monitoring of pump performance - case studies Presented by Malcolm Robertson at Pump Industry Australia seminar, Melbourne, Australia, April 2017

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