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Technology Overview and Applications

The products and services available by Robertson Technology measure pump performance parameters such as fluid flow rate and energy efficiency using the "thermodynamic method". Read more about the Thermodynamic Method here .


The information provided by these products can be used to give rapid advice of any pump or pump system problems, reduce energy and maintenance costs, and ensure that demand can be met at minimum cost. Read about strategies for optimising the performance of pumps and pump systems here.


One of the key features of the Robertson efficiency and flow meters is their accuracy, even for low pump heads, and stability over a long period of time. See Technical Edge .


Robertson Technology support clients in 22 countries on 5 continents. See Commercial Edge


Robertson Technology, our representatives and clients have presented a number of Technical Papers at International Conferences. They can be read and downloaded here .


Our main applications, some of which are discussed in the Technical Papers, include:


Water and wastewater pump stations

Desalination plants

Gas, coal, and nuclear power stations



General industry



We have also used this technology for more esoteric applications, such as measuring the efficiency and flow rate of nuclear submarine propulsion systems.


Product brochures and technical notes can be downloaded here.

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