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Products and Services Overview

Robertson Technology manufactures pump performance monitors that use the thermodynamic method for measuring pump efficiency and flow. There are two basic models, the MicroPM (fixed installation) and the P22 (portable unit) but many variants are available to suit different applications.


For example:


  • Multiple MicroPM fixed units can be interfaced via a MODBUS TCP ethernet link to (a) a browser, (b) the Micro Station Monitor, and/ or (c) PLC/ SCADA.

  • Different types of temperature and pressure probes are available, for water, sea-water, boiler feed pumps, vertical turbine pumps, wastewater, condensate extraction pumps, blowers, and turbines.

  • Special units are available for temperature only and differential temperature measurements.


The key feature of our pump monitors is the accuracy and stability of the temperature measurement. This is provided by the MicroPM Temperature Probes which have shown to be accurate to 0.001°C over a 10 year period.


In addition to the pump monitor products, pump testing services are also provided using the P22P pump monitor

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