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Optimising pump systems


This is a summary. See here for more detail.


When reliant on just a station flow meter (often of uncertain accuracy) for information on a pump system, it is not possible to determine the contributions of individual pumps to the performance of a pump combination, at a particular operating point.


Best practice to assess and improve the energy efficiency of a pump system is to simultaneously and continuously monitor every operating pump. Robertson Technology’s MicroPM™ pump monitor provides all the information required.


Strategies for improvements to energy efficiency include:


  • Rapidly identify excessive wear with continuous monitoring - failing to quickly identify problems is expensive

  • As far as possible, ensure that pumps and pump combinations are operating near the BEP (Best Efficiency Point), and within manufacturer’s POR (Preferred Operating Region)

  • Consider maintenance costs as well as energy. These are also minimised by operation near the BEP

  • Pump scheduling - select the best combination of pumps to meet demand for lowest possible cost

  • Measure pressure drops across discharge valves

  • Check for back-leakage through non-return valves

  • Quantify performance and the potential for improvement with appropriate metrics

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