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Thank you for visiting our website. Here you can find out how to reduce energy and maintenance costs for your pump systems, and improve availability.


Continuous monitoring with MicroPM™ pump monitors fitted to every pump gives the most benefit.


The MicroPMs can interface with a single MicroStM™ Station Monitor in each pump station, to provide pump scheduling, local HMI, and easy connection to PLC/ SCADA


Remote monitoring services with monthly summaries can be provided.


Pump test services with portable units (P22) are also available. Blowers and hydro-turbines can be monitored similarly.


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Rapidly identify excessive wear and other pump system problems.


See graphically if pumps are operating near the Best Efficiency Point (BEP) and within manufacturer’s Preferred Operating Range (POR), together with comparison with reference curves



A             high temperature rise

B             low flow cavitation

C             low flow bearing and seal life

D             reduced impeller life

E             suction recirculation

F             discharge recirculation

G            low bearing and seal life

H            cavitation

Curve 1  pump curve H(Q)

Curve 2  pump efficiency curve

Curve 3  reliability curve/MTBF

X            flow in percent of flow at BEP

Y            head in percent of head at BEP


Extract from ISO/ASME standard 14414-2015 (Pump System Energy Assessment)


© ISO and Standards Australia Limited. Copied by Robertson Technology with permission of ISA and Standards Australia under Licence 1611-c014​.

All data is viewed and logged. Abbreviations:


T1               Suction temperature

T2               Discharge temperature

dT               Differential temperature

P1               Suction pressure

P2               Discharge pressure

dP               Differential pressure

Head           Total Dynamic Head

Eff               Pump Efficiency

Overall eff   Overall (wire-to-water) Efficiency

Flow            Flow rate

Power         Electrical power to motor

Speed         Motor shaft speed

Micro Station Monitor (MicroStM)

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